Workshop 2013

The 2013 workshop was held on March 28th and 29th, 2013 at UIC.  It established a research agenda following a review the advances in research in Big Data resources for social science, urban analysis tools, and emerging technologies.  These discussions led to the development of a Call for Papers on different aspects of the research agenda for the larger workshop that will be held in August 2014. More details on the 2013 workshop are included in the links below.

Background materials and motivations for having the workshop

Agenda (Draft)


University of Glasgow, UK
Piyushimita Thakuriah (Vonu), Workshop Chair, Department of Urban Studies and School of Engineering

University of Illinois at Chicago
Nebiyou Tilahun, Co-Chair, Department of Urban Planning and Policy
Moira Zellner, Co-Chair,Department of Urban Planning and Policy
William “Max” Dieber, Urban Data Visualization Lab
Lisa Dirks, Urban Transportation Center
Timothy Johnson, Department of Public Administration and Survey Research Lab
Jane Lin, Department of Civil and Materials Engineering

University of Utah
Harvey Miller, Department of Geography

National ICT of Australia, Sydney, Australia 
Glenn Geers, Infrastructure Transport & Logistics

University of Minnesota
Yingling Fan, Humphrey Institute of Public Policy
David Levinson, Department of Civil Engineering
Shashi Shekhar, Department of Computer Science

Oak Ridge National Labs
Budhudendra Bhaduri, Geographic Information Science and Technology Group

Hunter College
Jochen Albrecht, Department of Geography
Laxmi  Ramasubramanian, Urban Affairs and Planning

University of Michigan
Joe Grengs , Urban and Regional Planning, University of Michigan
Scott Page, Departments of Economics and Political Science and Center for the Study of Complex Systems
Sue Zielinski, Project SMART, University of Michigan

Georgia Institute of Technology
Steven French, School of City and Regional Planning

Private consultants
Jeremy Wu,  (formerly at LEHD program in U.S. Census Bureau), Washington, D.C.
Zipei Tu, Director of Asia Pacific Area, KIT Solutions, LLC